Friday, November 2, 2007

Slow going

Confession time: I have not worked on the shawl at all this week. I wanted to. I wanted to see it finished and listed but job stress got to me and I had some paperwork I had to get done too. No fun time for me, though one evening I did work on a pair of socks I'm making for myself for two hours.

Generally, this week, I would come home from work, lay down for a nap, then do dinner, then do some more work and then go to bed (anyone who tells you that teachers "only work from 8-3" has never been a teacher, would never survive as a teacher, and deserves to be the substitute teacher in a rowdy room of middle schoolers, for a week, without lesson plans... IMHO).

So, no time to work on the shawl and let off steam. There it sits, waiting for me to pay attention to it again. I may have some time this weekend, I've already prepped for the all-day conference Monday and the meetings Tuesday...

Anyway, I am a little down about my shawl progress (and the lack thereof).

If you have anything positive to say about spinning, weaving or crocheting or crafts you do, make a comment, I could use the encouragement.

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