Friday, October 26, 2007

Featured: One Wool Hat

Well, for everyone out there clamoring for a hand spun, hand crocheted, wool hat, there is only ONE in my etsy shop. I have not made any since this one as I am in the middle of a project for my family (see "Other Projects" post).

The wool hat pictured in this posting is made from the yarn I had left from my sheep to shirt project. I started with raw wool (right off the sheep), washed it, dyed it (with kool-aid, aren't the colors awesome and they are wash and color fast) and began to card it.

Hand carding all that wool was a pain in several regions so I sent it away to be made into roving. When I got it back, I spun both the blue and purple into singles and then spun them into yarn before crocheting them into my first sweater.

From the extra yarn, I crocheted this hat. I am only making one hat like this. I may decide to make a matching scarf later, but haven't done so yet. When this particular wool yarn is gone, I won't be able to make more exactly like it.

Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the varying thicks and thins of the yarn and its poppin' texture.

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