Sunday, October 14, 2007

First attempt at a blog and intro.

I have started blog in an attempt to record and highlight the process I go through in the creation of the items I sell on my Etsy site ( Perhaps with a little background to the items there, others will be inspired to try these crafts too (or purchase mine).
I suppose introductions of a sort are appropriate at this junture. As far as basic information goes, I am a Special Education teacher, wife, daughter and big sister (to my younger sibs who are 25 and 22 and engaged).
I am in my thirties and feel just fine about it.
My favorite color is deep, royal purple.
I am left-handed (and proud of it)!
I tend to write the way I think things should sound when read aloud, which may not (gasp) be considered completely proper in the usage of Standard English (which doesn't seem to exist anymore, anyway, just listen to conversations in our schools and on the street).
I am a very visual and kinesthetic person, show me how to do something and I'll be able to do it again on my own. This, incidentally, is why I love crocheting and spinning and making the spindles, I can see the creation coming into existence from the raw materials.

I crochet, spin, weave and make drop spindles as a hobby because I love the process involved and if you hang around here long enough, you might end up liking it too.

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