Sunday, October 14, 2007

Choosing wool or acrylic items

Incidentally, whether to choose wool or acrylic winter items should be taken into consideration when one is purchasing my hats, use wool if you are:
a) in a place that has REAL winter (not a few inches of snow, but rather feet of it with below zero temperatures).
b) not allergic to it.
c) easily kept cold by say, your significant other's insistence on keeping your apartment at low temperatures during the winter.
d) inclined to wear wool because it is natural and you like it better anyway.

Wear acrylic winter hats for:
a) warmer climates.
b) easier laundering care. Chuck it into the washer and then the dryer and wear it again. PLEASE do not do that with wool unless you want it to fit on your child's doll baby. Wool items (unless marked as "superwash") should be gently hand washed and laid out to dry. No tumbling in a dryer.
c) people who do not use any animal products in their lifestyle.

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