Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Success

Well, it was a rainy day today and we were all moved inside. It was cozy, guests did not have to walk far to move to the next vendor and the vendors got to see each other's skills and items without having to leave their own stalls. I'm pretty sure my spinning by spindle helped the others pass the time when we had lulls in guests. My first ever workshop went well and I've even thought of a few things I'll improve upon. I sold three spindles, Hubby-Guy sold one of my hats and between us we taught a whole bunch of people how to spin. Plus there were a few frustrated knitters who stopped by and when we chatted, I directed them toward the continental style. All three were lefties who struggled with "throwing the stitch." YouTube is a great resource for this because you can replay the videos over and over as you learn it. It is a bit late now, I need to unpack the bins, move stuff about and then get to bed because I have school in the morning. We are going into the last week of April and SOL testing starts the first week of May.

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