Saturday, September 10, 2011

It has been so long

I know, I know, as a blogger I'm supposed to be doing this regularly, but time and other things get in the way and I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway... So, all that said, I am trying (again) to get the Etsy site updated. I have several spindles I haven't even listed yet from 2010. There are pictures and inventory cards for them, which is a good start, they've just never gotten listed.
The crocheted and knitted items finally have tags on them and really need to be photographed and listed as well. And then there's the recycled yarn I've been messing with. That will require a new category in my shop. After the Etsy site is updated I need to get the SaM (SpindlesandMore) inventory finished so Hubby-Guy can upload it onto the dot com site. Mind you, I've been working on doing that since we lived Braddock St, two moves and four years ago. I struggle with the idea that no one will appreciate the work I've put into my creations so it is safer not to risk anything and drag my feet getting them listed, even though I've never had a complaint from purchasers.
Ok, so far this session has been all about me... On the family front, my sister, the massage therapist is getting married in two weeks!!! She's been living with us this past year and recently has been working on preparing the house she will live in with her husband. She will be an absolutely gorgeous bride and she and Ben will be thrilled with each other.

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