Friday, October 8, 2010

Coffee Swap 6 and chocolate

I am doing the Coffee Swap 6 in Ravelry. My partner is in California and I'll be sending her some really fun stuff, but can't give details here yet because she might read it and then the surprise would be gone.

So... I have debated about the next statement I'm about to make for several days and have now made it to several of my friends without the sky falling in on me.
I have found a chocolate that is better than Dove Dark Chocolate... yes, I actually said it (and have now put it in writing).
It is a Fair Trade- Equal Exchange Organic Dark Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt bars. They are unbelievable!!! Gives a whole meaning to drool worthy! Now, I know I am adult, but I once I had tasted this chocolate, I didn't want to share it. I had a very powerful urge to growl and crouch over it protectively... Not a good thing when you live with your husband and sister in the same house.
So tomorrow I am going to get more of it (Hubby is not sure this is a good idea) as well as some stuff for my swap box (see 1st paragraph).

Ok, so the spindles aren't on the etsy yet and I'm working on it...

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