Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life recently

I have been busy recently. I took over the lead Special Ed. position in my school, took on a new teacher mentee, prepped for and began a new school year, discovered Ravelry (WOOT!! I am SpEdTchr on there), did some serious work on my etsy site with updating and re-listing, updated the Spindles and More inventory lists in both formats (my trusty index card system, and the database on the computer), attended a fiber festival and am blogging about it all. Ok, well, the blogging is going to be a bit skimpy for a while because of all the other things going on.
I did purchase some silk singles in a lovely denim blue for a scarf and some milk fiber that I need to play with. I also discovered another breed of sheep I am willing to spin (besides Merino and Rambouillet)... Polworth. Ok, so it is 3/4 Merino and 1/4 Lincoln, which still kind of makes it a Merino, but hey, I tried something new thanks to River's Edge Fiber Art from Grand Ledge, Michigan. Thank you ladies, it is LOVELY!!!
I really want to get more things listed on etsy, I have another dozen or so of the large spindles to photograph and list, but my job and life are conspiring to keep them in their unlisted state.