Saturday, April 25, 2009

Live from Cestari!! Well, OK, technically it is nighttime now...

Woohoo! I'm at Cestari's Spring Wool Fair this weekend. Y'all should come out and see us. Cestari Farm is in Churchville, VA and has some cool stuff happening. Some of us are demonstrating various spinning related skills, some are selling fruits and vegetables, somebody further down is selling honey and I think apple juice. The weather was gorgeous and sunny! I am really glad we had the canopy set up, because I would have been cooked. I sold four spindles, three of which were the natural type that my Hubby favors. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I'd love to see some of you who have read the blog and came out and see us.
We will also be at Sedalia again this year, if you miss us at Cestari.

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