Sunday, April 20, 2008

It has been a while...

And I've been gearing up for a Wool Fair at the end of this month. Cestari Farms in Churchville, VA is having their annual Wool Fair and I will be vending there again this year. I have been concentrating on making more drop spindles and will be introducing a larger sized drop spindle than I've had in the past. This means 2 sizes of spindles and with the larger size are all the issues that come with more weight and different balancing and all that. I spent all day yesterday polyurethaning the 30-some odd spindles I am preparing to sell. At this point all the shafts need another coat of poly and another sanding, all the hooks have to be prepared and bent into the proper configuration and then the starter holes made and the hooks placed and set. Then I need to test spin all of them (which really IS the BEST part). I have to admit that some have become favorites. I know I can't keep them as I already have more spindles than I can spin on in a month. I will retain 1 from the 2008 collection so far and I created it specifically for personal use.
I will be offering a few natural wood spindles that have been treated with WoodBeams, a beeswax wood treatment. These have not been as popular as I thought they might be, I guess the right people haven't come along yet.
I will have some of my handspun yarn for sale, though most is still on my etsy site. I will also have a couple hats for sale as well, but want to concentrate on the spindles for now.

I hope some of my readers will put Cestari Farms on their calendars for April 26-27. Let me know you saw my blog when you stop by my tent.

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