Friday, February 15, 2008

Wow, this week...

Ok, to begin with we had two snow days in a row this week. During those snow days I finished crocheting an entirely silk-yarn hat for a young friend of mine. Silk is very soft, but has no spring or "memory" to retain elasticity. The hat will simply slip on and off her head, but will not grip it in any way. I dyed it pink, which is her favorite color and then I added 3 black silk-yarn roses to it. I decided afterward that I should have hot glued the roses to pendent pins so she could change the look of the hat as often as she liked. She might send it back to me so I can, I haven't heard from her yet...

After finishing the hat, I plied 420 yards of 2-ply yarn from a gorgeous light lavender purple Superwash (doesn't shrink when washed) wool. It is all in a continuos strand, no knots, except at the end points (duh!). I'm really not sure if I should let it sit for a while and let it speak to me about what it wants to become, or if I should just take some pics and list it quickly before I'm too attached to let it go.

I am a very visual person and as such, many of my handspun yarns have found themselves sitting on the shelves in my craft room, hanging slightly over the edge where I can see them all when I look around. This is a wonderful visual experience, but basically means that I don't make anything out of most of them because I love the visual effect of the yarns laying beside one another. It just doesn't have the same effect to have two crocheted hats sitting next to each other on the shelf. It kills the endless possibilities of the yarn. Having said that, I am still working up my courage to actually list some of my yarns on the Etsy site. I haven't done it yet, but maybe I'll be able to as some point.

Until next time, Happy Spinning.

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