Friday, February 8, 2008

Spindles, spindles, spindles

More spindles on their way into the Spindles and More Etsy Shop.

   As you know, I make these spindles and each one is unique. Each has been signed, numbered and dated with the year they were made. The lower numbered spindles are harder to find as many of them were given as gifts to new spinners who won't part with them.

  For those of you following this saga...

The first spindle (#1) has been sold and therefore is no longer available for purchase. The next lowest numbers available are #3, #7, #9 and #10. These were the last spindles made in 2002 before I took a five-year break from making spindles. I was reluctant to list these lower numbered spindles because of their individuality (and even now, I am retaining #4 because I love the mini plant pots so much).

  I will be adding 6 spindles to the listings this weekend.

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