Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recent Change in Attitude

Ok, I've been struggling a long time with coming to terms with my skills as a spinner and crocheter and as an artisan of fiber works. I've never had a lot of confidence in my skills, though I see others doing the same things I do (and sometimes not as well) and I'm amazed at how skilled they are. It is illogical that, though others charging a very fair price for their time, skill and work makes sense to me, but when I price my own pieces, I undervalue them to the point where it almost seems like I'm begging someone to like my work and purchase it.

Well, I recently joined a group that addresses marketing our fiber crafts and it amazes me that the people of the group are just like me, for the most part. They love what they do and yet need encouragement to market their art at a professional level where they don't need to beg for others to "like their stuff". I've realized that by making my prices beggingly low, I not only don't show their true value, but I make it hard for other fiber artisans to offer their items at their true value too.

I guess this is fair warning that my spindles and the wearable fiber art items at Spindles and More are going to be going up in price in the next few days. So get your items now, before they are listed at their true value.

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