Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wool vs. Acrylic yarns

I love what I do. As cliche as that sounds, it is true, from the picking out and purchasing of wool roving, to the spinning and crocheting thereof. I use acrylic and wool yarns, to create my crocheted and woven items. I usually spin the wool into yarn myself. The acrylic yarns are purchased from local stores or ordered online.
I haven't yet mixed acrylic and wool yarns in my items, because I am in entirely different moods when I create with them. I've found that after making several hats with acrylic yarn, I sometimes have difficulty making hats using the wool because their essences seem so different. Wool is a naturally occurring fiber (from a sheep), while acrylic is from a chemical process. Both have their advantages (especially if you are allergic to wool). Acrylic items dry faster, but wool feels warmer to me.

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