Monday, October 22, 2007

25 hours, probably another 10 to go...

Sorry, no pics this time...
I'm hoping it won't take too much longer on the shawl. These last hours of weaving and then finishing, washing and blocking are when I start to drag. I just want it to be finished, but since I'm the only one working on it, it won't magically finish itself. If I take 3-4 hours and work on it without interruptions, I can really get into a groove and get quite a bit accomplished.

The problem with hyper-focusing this way is that I don't interact with anyone during that time and I run the risk of ending up being tired all the next day at work because I lose track of time and only stop when my hands begin cramping (at about the 4.5 hour mark) which somehow ends up being almost 2 in the morning. Since I get up around 6 am and deal with middle schoolers all day, it is not a good mix.

I will probably work on it again tomorrow evening. I do want to get it off the loom. I'm thinking of breaking the loom down for a while and giving myself a little more space in the craft room for some other, ongoing projects. I'll say more about the projects in the next post.

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